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Meet the team

With a combined background in design and construction, Roger and Jacob have worked side by side on many projects, from building planter boxes to building houses. When faced with an opportunity to develop a product that uses sustainable and naturally durable materials, they jumped. Planter by planter, Bloom Box Products was born.

From small things big things grow, and the Bloom Box team now works with designers, builders and architects to bring green spaces to urban environments with their beautiful and lasting products.

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OUR vision

These days, we’re surrounded by cold urban spaces and disposable quick-fix solutions. Through the use of thoughtfully designed pieces and an appreciation for the qualities of natural materials, we want to make urban gardening accessible and sustainable.

We’re committed to producing pieces with longevity for people and businesses who appreciate well-made things that last a lifetime.

Inside of planter box
Stack of logs


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. From how we design and build our products to how we source our materials. We believe in investing in beautiful, well-made items that will last a lifetime.

We use resource-efficient manufacturing processes to ensure that little goes to waste, and all our timber is sourced ethically and sustainably, because protecting our forests for the long-term is very important to us.

Our cypress is a readily available species throughout Australia. Macrocarpa Cypress forests are regularly cleared for agricultural and civil projects. Normally, this timber would be sent to landfill or burnt. Instead, we work with local solar-powered timber mills to salvage the timber, and give it new life as a planter box.

Our Process

At Bloom Box we often obsess over process. Whether it be behind the scenes in the business or on the production line we are always trying to make more with less. This is particularly true with our range of cypress mobile planters.

We have gone to the source and work directly with the timber mill trying to build efficiencies from even before the timber becomes boards. By understanding every step in the process we are able to work with local businesses make the most of beautiful and sustainable materials.

For our Cypress range this philosophy extends through each stage of production from cutting, assembly and finishing. We have developed our range of planter boxes to be built to last while requiring less cutting, less power and less waste than ever before.

This kind of design thinking is an important part of our process and is not only carefully considered in our range of stocked products but also custom-commercial builds. We love it when clients want to work with sustainable materials and are looking for long lasting natural and beautiful custom gardening solution.

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