Le Meridien Hotel

In preparation for the grand opening of their new Melbourne hotel, Le Meridien Hotel Group engaged Bloom Box Products to create a unique outdoor entertaining area using the Allo clad planters. Boasting 235 rooms and 12 stories of immaculate art deco inspired interiors, this was an exciting project to take part in.

Located in a building with over 100 years of history in Melbourne’s hospitality and entertainment scene, we needed to ensure that the entertainment space paid tribute to the building’s rich heritage.

It was also important to incorporate signage as a way-finding solution for both pedestrian traffic and guests arriving by vehicle.

 Aluminium Planter Box Design Drawings Le Meridien Hotel Bloom Box Products

For projects with a succinct visual style and direction, any additions should be complimentary and tie in with the narrative of the building. 

The team at Bloom Box wanted to ensure that the style of the interior of the building flowed into this new outside space. Noting some of the visual highlights in the hotel’s entrance, we recommended that the planter design complement the style of the central bar and service area.

The Le Meridien bar was designed to reflect the building's rich theatre history, resembling a classic 1950s cinema ticket office. We thought this would be a great detail to feature in the outdoor entertainment space.

The building comprises other distinguishing features throughout, such as black metal accents and timber panelling. This style aligned nicely with the details on our Allo Planter making it the perfect option for an eye catching and welcoming entrée before entering the building.

Aluminium Planter With Timber by Bloom Box Products Allo Planter

The Allo Planter is a highly customisable planting solution designed to integrate into any project functionally and aesthetically. The design features a modern industrial aluminium framework that can be clad with wide range materials or finishes. 

For this project we customised our standard Allo Planter to suit the client’s requirements, making it longer, thinner and taller. In order to cover the eight-meter-long frontage, the planters needed to be fixed together to maintain perfect alignment.

This was achieved through the addition of precision laser cut holes in the aluminium frame, which secured each planter into perfect alignment with its neighbour.

Allo Planter Box Aluminium Planter with Timber Le Meridien Hotel

As you can see from the final product, the Allo planter provided the design continuity desired by the client, so that guests see the outdoor entertaining space as an extension of the sophisticated style that awaits them inside.

This was one of the team’s most satisfying projects, not least because it demonstrated the flexibility and ease of customisation, assembly, and installation of the Allo Planter Box design. 

For more information about the Allo Planter visit the online store. Or to make an enquiry email: info@bloomboxproducts.com.au


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