Why timber is the best material to use in the garden

Why timber is the best material to use in the garden

When shopping for outdoor furniture, the number of choices can be overwhelming. Plastic, cement, teracota, steel...there are a huge number of options to choose from. We might be biased, but our pick is always timber. It’ll come as no surprise that the team at Bloombox love working with raw, natural materials. But timber has other qualities that make it perfect for using outdoors -  it’s durable, low-maintenance and incredibly sustainable. It also looks great. Let us take you through the perks in more detail. 

It’s durable 

When it comes to durability, nothing compares to timber.Timber is well known for its longevity and ability to endure the elements (it is made from trees after all), making it exceptionally good value for money in the long-term. 

At Bloombox, we use cedar and cypress timbers. Both are naturally durable and moisture- and rot-resistant. Cedar has long been used in Australia because it’s hardy and long-lasting, even under harsh Australian conditions. 

Cedar is categorised as a Class 2 durable material in Australia, the highest category for any softwood. And if well cared for, cedar can last for centuries. This is because it contains a natural compound called thujaplicin that acts as a natural preservative. 

It’s sustainable 

At Bloombox, we’re all about sustainability. That's why all of our planter boxes are made using sustainable timber. Our PEFC-certified cedar is responsibly sourced from forests in which young trees are planted when old trees are harvested.  

Our Cypress timber, on the other hand, is sourced from forests that are regularly cleared for agricultural and civil projects. Normally, this timber would be sent to landfill or burnt. Instead, we give it new life as a planter box. 

If you’re worried about the environment, timber is the best material to run with because it’s a renewable and recyclable material. Timber is also very energy-efficient to produce, unlike many other materials that have a high energy input (for example, plastic).  

It’s low maintenance

If well cared for, timber will age naturally and beautifully. As it ages, timber produces  natural oils that protect it, so maintenance tends to be pretty low-key. To clean, most timbers require only a wipe down with a damp cloth. The natural oils in timber keep it water-resistant, rot-resistant and repellent to insects. Perfect for outdoor use. 

When left to age naturally, timber turns a beautiful silver/grey colour, which  some love. For this reason, you may choose to leave your timber untreated. Others prefer a well-maintained rich timber colour. In this case,  we recommended giving your timber a little love from time to time by oiling or staining it every six to twelve months depending on how much sun the timber is exposed to. 

It looks great 

We’re big fans of timber for its natural beauty and the way it changes as it ages. We’re not surprised that timber is such a popular choice for outdoor settings today and has been for quite some time. Whether you’re going for a rustic look, or something more modern, timber is timeless. It also  epitomises the 2020 ‘built to last’ trend. Buy something that’s made to last, and you’ll only have to buy it once. 

When creating an outdoor space, timber can bring a natural warmth to the area. It also obviously complements other outdoor elements, such as plants and trees.   


If you’re ready to invest in a timber planter box for your backyard or balcony, we have a range of beautiful, durable and sustainable cypress and cedar timber boxed available. View the range now.

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