6 Summer Flowers That Will Transform Your Garden

6 Summer Flowers That Will Transform Your Garden

As the season of summer returns in Australia, so too does the season of warm, relaxing outdoor afternoons. While spring usually gets all the credit for its vibrant aesthetic, summer ushers in its own brand of bright blooms every year too.

Here are 6 flowers that are sure to lift your garden with their signature summer splendour.

1. Lavender

With its trademarked scent and calming colour, lavender is a summer essential for any garden. Planting lavender is generally regarded as an easy starter for those beginning their gardening journey, though it remains a staple choice of experienced gardeners all the same.



2. New Guinea Impatiens

Native to our northern neighbours in New Guinea, these flowers come in many summertime colours. Typically, impatiens plants thrive in the shade, unlike these blooms who love soaking up some of that summer sun. Purple, red, orange, white and even pink, they perfectly accent any summer garden.

New Guinea Impatiens 

3. Agapanthus

Another low-maintenance choice, Agapanthus complement any garden with their deep green leaves, soothing mauve and white tones, and vibrant blues. Standing tall among most of the other summer flowers, these beauties are famously known as the “Lily of the Nile”. An easy way to add depth and variety to your summer garden.


4. Zinnias

Zinnias perfectly encapsulates that “summer vibe” with their daisy-like appearance and bright colour variants. Blossoming in those pinks and yellows that embody the summertime, Zinnias will always be a pretty sight for you (and the butterflies).


 5. Portulaca

It comes as no surprise that they’re nicknamed “sun roses”. Portulaca plants enjoy the sun and range from golden yellow to rose red. Their short green stems often sit right under a double-flowered Portulaca, bringing double the flower power to gardens of any size.


6. Kangaroo Paw

The aptly named Kangaroo Paw plant is a native flower known for its distinctive paw-like shape and its iconic status in Australian gardens. Boasting a range of luxurious colours including gold velvet, ruby velvet, amber velvet and regal velvet, Kangaroo Paws are perfect for raised bed and low-maintenance gardens.

Kangaroo Paw


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