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7 Design Ideas For Small Gardens

Whether you have a small garden, a courtyard, or even a balcony, it’s time to stop putting that precious space to waste! Transforming your garden gives you a whole new room to enjoy, and entertain in. It can even boost the value of your property! 

Getting some greenery into your everyday is great year-round. But when it comes to designing small spaces, a little extra thought and care is required. Too much and your space may feel overbearing, too little and it could feel bare and uninviting. 

To provide you with some inspiration to perfect your outdoor space, we’ve thrown some ideas around the workshop and decided on our top 7 for sprucing up your garden. Eat your heart out Jamie Durie.

1. Grow your own produce 

First is something we’re super passionate about: growing some of your own produce. What better way to make use of a small space than turning it into your own outdoor pantry? You can grow herbs, fruits and vegetables year-round that not only give you fresh produce when you need it, but is also a great little project.    

Whether you plan to grow in the ground, in pots or in a planter box, try starting off with some produce you’ll use frequently. Herbs like coriander, parsley, mint, basil and rosemary are great starters. If you’re looking for more of a feature piece, you could also try a lemon or lime tree - great for cooking…and an important ingredient in a lot of summer cocktails!  

Fresh vegies and a green veggie garden

2. Install a vertical garden 

When it comes to small spaces, taking advantage of walls and fences is often a great way to add some layers and interest. Vertical gardens are relatively easy to maintain, and look fantastic. Planting upwards instead of outwards is great for small gardens, or even tiny apartments.  

Choosing the right plants for your vertical garden is essential to creating the look you’re after - you could even use herbs. If you’re looking for long-term plants, try mixing and matching some of our favourites, like ferns, callisia fragrans, chlorophytum, crassula, spathiphyllum, bromeliads and peperomia. 

3. Add paving 

When you have a small outdoor space, selecting some beautiful pavers can make the space highly functional. Choose light greys or whites for a more classic look, or choose dark shades for a more sleek and modern feel. 

Paving is great as many small gardens may not be suitable for growing grass - shade or inconsistent light is often an issue. You can choose plants to border your yard that are more resilient to the conditions, and create stunning contrasts that look great in small spaces. That brings us to number 4… 

Stone paving in garden

4. Make use of planter boxes and pots

If your garden is largely pavers or gravel, invest in some planter boxes and pots. This is a great way to bring some greenery into your space, and create the exact look and feel you’re after. When using pots, choose one feature pot and arrange some smaller pots around it to create a great layered look. 

The great thing about planter boxes on wheels in particular is they’re easy to move should your plants require some extra sun, or if you need to make some more space when hosting an event. 

5. Plant climbers 

Similar to vertical gardens, climbers are a great way to make use of neglected wall space. Climbers create some colour year round, and are great at creating a stunning backdrop in your garden. There’s also other benefits too - they can make your space cooler in the summer months by blocking some direct light on hard surfaces.  

Climbers don’t need to be grown in the ground - a pot or planter box will work too. You’ll just need to keep in mind you won’t be able to move it, so choose your positioning wisely. Some great looking climbers include star jasmine, creeping fig, grapevine or bambino dwarf bougainvillea. 

Bloom Box timber planter box with trellis and green plants

6. Set the mood with lighting

If you’re looking to set the mood, it’s all about creating a great atmosphere in your space with some outdoor lighting. You’ve invested in your garden, so enjoy it right throughout the evening! 

While you can opt for simple lighting, layering some lights can make for a stunning look. For any large plants consider some spotlights, or if you’re going for an al fresco feel why not consider hanging some festoon lights over your outdoor setting. 

7. Add screening 

If you have a little more space in your garden, you could consider some tall bamboo or rose bushes to zone or border your space. Bamboo is fantastic in small spaces (where it won’t completely block your sunlight) as it’s compact, yet tall, and great at transforming your outdoor space. 

There are different varieties of bamboo, so you can choose one that’s most suitable to your garden and climate. Usually, a clumping species of bamboo is best as the stems will be compact, which is perfect for a hedge or screening. 

At Bloom Box Products, we love turning cold, urban spaces into warm, inviting ones. Transform your space today with one of our natural, durable, beautiful planter boxes here.

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