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Top Design Ideas For Outdoor Entertainment Areas

If you love the great outdoors then you’ve come to the right place. We invest so much time pruning, mowing and maintaining our gardens, so it’s only fitting that we’re able to enjoy them year round. 

The benefits of creating an inviting outdoor entertaining area are aplenty - hosting family and friends is something we’d all love to do a little more of. Whether it’s for an event, or you’re just hanging out with some mates, sprucing up your outdoor entertaining area will pay dividends in the long run. 

So, how do you create an outdoor space your friends and family will be envious of? Or one you’d love to retreat to at the end of a long day's work? Here’s our top ideas for your outdoor entertaining area. 

Living without walls 

It goes without saying that you can get a lot out of your outdoor space by bringing the outdoors in, and visa versa. Creating a seamless connection between the outdoors and indoors is a wonderful way to enjoy our temperate climate. After all, there really is nothing Aussies love more than a barbecue, or some time in the great outdoors. 

Of course, this isn’t practical for everyone - it may require some substantial structural work. But, if it’s the difference between you spending more time outdoors and truly connecting your spaces, then it’s worth the investment. Sliding doors, bifold doors and large windows are great for open-plan living and entertaining. 

Fire in an outdoor fire pit

Gather around the fire pit

When winter roles in, it’s slightly less appealing to be spending time outdoors. Why not change that by installing a fire pit? Gathering around a fire pit with family and friends makes being outdoors on those winter nights far more appealing. 

Fire pits come in all different shapes, sizes and variations, so you can find one which is perfectly suited to your entertaining area. You can complete your firepit by surrounding it with some stools or comfortable chairs. The only problem is… everyone will want to only hang out at your place! 

Set the mood with gorgeous lighting

What good is your entertaining space if you can’t enjoy it long into the night after the sun has set. When it comes to outdoor entertaining, you’re looking to create the perfect blend of comfort, function and ambiance. No more flood lights - leave those for tennis courts and sporting fields! 

Nothing screams summer more than some string lights, hang them in a zig-zag pattern to bring a sense of occasion to any event. If you have some features plants why not bring some drama with some spotlights. And let’s not let our loved ones lose their footing - install path or deck lighting to ensure your space is safe.  

Add modern furniture 

Make your outdoor entertaining area feel like a resort by investing in some modern furniture - or better yet, fit your space with some custom pieces! Whether it’s outdoor sofas or chairs and tables, ensuring your entertaining space is fit to host a crowd will be great for entertaining. 

We’ve built everything from triangle planter boxes to tiered gardens and love the challenge of designing and building special pieces. With years of experience in design and construction, we can discuss your ideas, explore your options and create the perfect piece for your project. Get in touch if you’d like to collaborate with us. 

Bloom Box Products timber planter box and trellis

Embrace outdoor cooking 

A great way to spend more time outdoors. Depending on what tickles your fancy, it could be a barbecue, a wood fire oven or even over the coals of a fire pit when you want to channel your inner MasterChef. 

Forget running in and out of the kitchen. If you’re going to host, do it properly and don’t get left dicing and chopping inside while everyone else is outside relaxing and enjoying the outdoors! 

Layer with pots, planters and more 

At Bloom Box Products, we’re all about turning urban spaces in jungle oases. If you don’t have ideal conditions for certain plants, or if you want to increase the functionality of your space with large decked or paved areas, planter boxes and pots are a great way to achieve the look you’re after. 

Impress your friends and family by choosing one or a few feature pots and arrange some smaller pots around them to create a great layered look. Planter boxes on wheels are great too, you can shift them around should you need some extra space when you’re entertaining.

Bloom Box Products timber planter boxes in concrete courtyard

Create zones 

If you’re blessed to have a garden with a bit of space, it’s great to set up zones. You can break up your garden with different materials, plantings, screens and more. If you really want to go all out, think of how you could create interest by turning your entertaining area into a multilevel space. 

You could install screens to separate a dining area, create a serene spot for reflection,  add a sunken lounge area, a fire pit or even a pond.


At Bloom Box Products, we love turning cold, urban spaces into warm, inviting ones. Transform your outdoor entertainment area today with one of our natural, durable, beautiful planter boxes here.

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