Quantum: Timbre Plus Vertical
Quantum: Timbre Plus Vertical
Quantum: Timbre Plus Vertical

Quantum: Timbre Plus Vertical

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To keep your planter looking vibrant and well protected, we recommend re-oiling every 6-12 months. Where the planter is situated and how exposed it is to the elements, will influence how regularly you will need to reapply the oil. 

All of our set products are coated in Quantum's Timbre Plus Verticals (untinted). If your planter is in need of a touch up or a full recoat, a 1L or 4L tin will be perfect to get the job done.

Timbre Plus Verticals a unique, water reducible, oil based coating that has outstanding UV resistance and surface toughness. May be tinted to one of Quantum’s Transparent Stain Colours. Take a look at the many advantages of using Timbre Plus Vertical.

- Environmentally responsible – made from bio based, ecologically sustainable products

- Non-toxic, low odour

- UV resistant, contains UV absorbers

- May be tinted to Quantum transparent stain colours

- Touch up weathered areas as they occur, no need for a full recoat

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An introduced species in Australia, Macrocarpa Cypress can be seen through out Victoria's regional areas and is often a byproduct of agricultural clearing. Machined to order by a local mill, this naturally durable and rustic material is engrained with Australian history getting a second life.

Quantum: Timbre Plus Vertical

Quantum: Timbre Plus Vertical

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