Our skilled team takes great care in producing well-made and thoughtful pieces that exceed expectation, and we’re passionate about our fine-tuned production processes.

Timber planter boxes


1. Visual inspection and grading of timber
Before each planter is made, timber is hand sorted and graded based on colour, grain tightness, knots and bows before being precision cut and stacked.

2. Precision cutting of components
Using precision cutting equipment, we cut the timber to the exact size and shape needed.

3. Grain and texture matching
As part of our grading process, we assess the grain and texture of the raw materials, matching it to timber with a similar appearance.

4. Panel assembly
Cut components are then sorted into timber panels based on grain, texture and timber tones to display the natural beauty of the timber. Using our custom panelling jig, we then fix internal bracing to ensure our boxes are built strong from the inside out.

5. Pre-drilling and sanding of components
From panels to boxes, each screw hole is hand-marked, pre-drilled and countersunk to avoid any splitting or cracks during assembly. With a final hand sand, the boxes are ready for assembly. Assembly of planter box We put the pieces together carefully so the planter is perfectly aligned, ensuring the quality and integrity of the final piece.

6. Hand sanding and finishing
All surfaces receive a final hand sand and assessment prior to finishing. Depending on your chosen finish, the planters are then ready for oil or stain. Our exterior planters are finished with two coats of a penetrating exterior UV timber oil, while our custom jobs get three coats of a polyurethane.

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